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Don’t Give Up On Your Fight For Justice – Appeal And Stay Options Available

Facing a Conviction? There’s Still Hope.

Being convicted of a crime is not the end of your legal journey. SMC Law Firm believes that every individual deserves a fair chance. When you are convicted, you need an attorney who is dedicated to continuing the fight through the appellate process.

Understanding Your Appeal Rights

If you’ve been convicted and believe the conviction was wrongful or the trial was flawed, an appeal might be your next step. Appeals are crucial for addressing legal errors and ensuring your rights are respected.

Staying the Execution of Your Sentence: While your appeal is pending, SMC Law Firm understands the importance of maintaining your freedom. Attorney Samantha Chorny will help you file for a motion to stay the execution of your sentence. This legal request can halt further penalties, allowing you to remain out of custody while the appellate court reviews your case.

Seeking Release During the Appeal: During this challenging time, being with your loved ones and continuing daily life can make a significant difference. It is crucial to find an attorney with the knowledge to guide you through the process of requesting release during the appeal decision. SMC Law Firm will focus on presenting a compelling case for why you should be granted this relief.

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People v. Fabyion Newton – Successful stay of execution of judgment secured for client seeking criminal appeal for former conviction, 2024

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Attorney Samantha Chorny is well-versed in navigating the complexities of the criminal justice system. SMC Law Firm will fight for you every step of the way, from filing an appeal to seeking a stay of your sentence and requesting your release.

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