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SMC Law Firm is devoted 100% to criminal defense.  As a former prosecutor, attorney Samantha Chorny provides strategic and aggressive representation, leveraging her experience on both sides of the courtroom.

Confidently representing clients in New York, Long Island and all five New York City boroughs

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Criminal Defense

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Criminal Appeals

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The Firm’s Priority Is Taking Care Of You

The attorney and staff at SMC Law Firm are dedicated to providing individualized attention and making every client a priority. Samantha takes a one-on-one approach, which allows her the opportunity to listen to your concerns, address questions and better understand you, your case and the circumstances involved. Also, she will communicate openly and honestly and provide realistic expectations.

Samantha understands the fears, stress and frustrations that you may experience during this challenging time when your life, livelihood and future are at risk. She is determined to help protect your rights so that you can have a promising future. She will not judge you. Rather, she will empower you with her legal knowledge and guidance to help you make the right decisions for you and your family.

Samantha Chorney
Attorney Samantha Chorny with client

Samantha Chorny

Zealously Representing You

A Strategic Approach From A Proven Criminal Defense Attorney

Attorney Chorny brings a breadth of experience and knowledge to each case she represents. As a former prosecutor for the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office, she worked in various bureaus, including intakes, trials and grand juries. She knows the tactics that prosecutors use, how they think and what they will likely do. This insight is crucial in developing a custom, strategic defense for each client she represents. No case or client is the same.

Driven to get results, the firm’s attorney takes an aggressive approach. She isn’t afraid to go to court, and has recently brought three back-to-back murder trials to verdict in New York – a rare feat for a criminal defense attorney. She will diligently investigate every aspect of your case to determine viable solutions that aim to accomplish your personal and legal goals.

Whether you are facing a federal or state crime, she has the experience and knowledge to effectively represent you. Samantha understands the laws involving conspiracy charges, illegal possession of weapons charges, drug crimes, narcotics, sex crimes, driving while intoxicated (DWI)/driving under the influence (DUI) offenses, domestic violence charges and other serious crimes.

Criminal law is her passion, and she solely focuses her practice on it. Her priority is protecting your rights and freedom.

In The News

Attorney Chorny has been featured in several news media outlets, including Newsday TV, News 12 long island, and Patch news for her extensive criminal defense representation and criminal law knowledge.


Noteworthy Cases

People v. HayatFull dismissal of DWI case before trial in Bronx County, 2023

People v. CummingsObtained non criminal violation plea off of multiple B violent felony charges where the Prosecutor was originally seeking 5 years prison in Kings County, 2023

People v MelemReceived non criminal violation offer down from original B violent attempted murder charges where the DA was originally seeking 5 years prison in Queens, 2023

People V. LeeFull dismissal of forcible touching sex abuse case in NY county, 2023

Samantha Chorney

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