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What Is An NYPD I-Card?

If you find out that the police have an NYPD I-Card filed against you, watch out. It could mean that the NYPD wants to arrest you on suspicion of some crime. You should contact SMC Law Firm as soon as possible.

If you have never heard of I-Cards before, you are not alone. Here is some general information about I-Cards and how the NYPD uses them.

An Overview Of I-Cards

I-Card is short for “investigation card.” It is an online document that an NYPD detective enters into its database to alert patrol officers that an individual is wanted. The I-Card contains a long list of identifying information, such as the person’s full name, physical description, last known address, whether they are considered armed and dangerous and some details about the crime the person is allegedly associated with. Being listed on an I-Card means one of three things:

  • The police believe there is probable cause to arrest you.
  • The police lack probable cause but suspect you committed a crime and want to question you as a “person of interest.”
  • The police believe you witnessed a crime and want to question you as a “person of interest.”

An I-Card is not an arrest warrant issued by a judge. But it can mean the police believe they have a legal basis to arrest you anyway.

If you find out you are named on an I-Card, you need to know where you stand as soon as possible. A defense lawyer can help you find out the details of your I-Card and develop a strategy for dealing with it. The attorney at SMC Law Firm has practiced as both a prosecutor and criminal defense attorney. She can help you protect your rights and deal with any criminal charges related to an I-Card.

Take On An I-Card

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