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Case Results

People v. Sotos  Full dismissal of two separate assault dockets in Queens County, 2023

People v. Victor Velasquez  Full dismissal of all domestic violence charges before CPL 30.30 time had expired in Kings County, 2023

DMV Refusal hearing of Ahmed Hayatt  Won refusal hearing and client revoked licensed was restored back to full driving privileges

People v. Yone  Multiple different assault charges completely dismissed against multiple different victims in Kings County, 2023

People v. Cummings  Obtained non criminal violation plea off of multiple B violent felony charges where the Prosecutor was originally seeking 5 years prison in Kings County, 2023

People v Hayat  Full dismissal of DWI case before trial in Bronx County, 2023

People v. Sennon  Full dismissal of Kings county DWI case, 2023

People v. Lee  Full dismissal of forcible touching sex abuse case in NY county, 2023

People v. Macias  Full order of protection modified to a limited order days after it’s issuance so that a mother could live with her 4 year old son again, 2023

People v. Frantsev  Full Dismissal of misdemeanor charges before arraignment, 2023

People v. Da Silva  Full dismissal of all petit larceny charges at first court appearance, 2023

People v. MD Mahen  Achieved cross dismissal on very first court date, 2023

People v. Montanez  Got the Judge to lower the bail by 50% on A1 drug felony charges in NY county, 2023

People v Melem  Received non criminal violation offer down from original B violent attempted murder charges where the DA was originally seeking 5 years prison in Queens, 2023

People v. Fabyion Newton – Successful stay of execution of judgment secured for client seeking criminal appeal of former conviction, 2024