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2023/2024 Criminal History Amendment — Reducing Your Sentence

In April 2023, the U.S. Sentencing Commission submitted an amendment proposal to Congress. The proposal, which went into effect in November 2023, gives certain people currently in prison the right to ask the court for a reduced sentence. If you qualify, this new rule could allow you to get released sooner, reunite with your family and move on with your life.

However, applying for early release is complex. Your chances of success are much higher when you work with an experienced and committed New York criminal defense attorney. Samantha Chorny, founder of SMC Law Firm, works diligently to produce positive results for each of her clients. She is prepared to help you apply for early release under the 2023 Criminal History Amendment.

Federal Sentencing Guidelines

Sentencing guidelines for federal offenses are based largely on the offense and “status points” based on the defendant’s prior criminal record. Essentially, the more serious the current offense and the more prior convictions on your record, the harsher the sentence you will face.

However, the 2023 Criminal History Amendment reduces the impact of status points. For those with seven or more status points, the amendment reduces their point total by one point. And defendants with six or fewer points will now have their status points eliminated and sentenced at the zero-point level. In addition, people whose convictions did not involve certain aggravating factors will have their offense level reduced by two for sentencing purposes.

Retroactive Changes

The amendment is also retroactive, which means people currently serving time could be eligible to be resentenced. This is available to those with a sentence order beginning no earlier than Feb. 1, 2024. If successful, this could reduce the sentence you or a loved one is currently serving or even eliminate it. SMC Law Firm can handle every step of applying for relief under the Criminal History Amendment on your behalf.

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