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Aggressive Defense Against Violent Crimes In New York

Facing charges related to violent crimes can be an overwhelming and distressing experience. The attorney at SMC Law Firm knows the emotional toll it takes on individuals and their families. As a former prosecutor with extensive criminal defense experience, she is committed to providing authentic, realistic, and informative guidance tailored to your unique circumstances. Her goal is to put you at ease, personally walk you through every aspect of your case and make your defense her top priority.

Understanding The Complexity Of Violent Crimes

Violent crimes encompass a range of offenses, including assault, battery, murder, weapons crimes, robbery with a weapon and domestic violence. The severity of the charges someone faces depends on factors such as the level of violence involved, the parties affected, the extent of the harm inflicted and the type of weapon (if any) used. The lawyer at SMC Law Firm will carefully analyze these factors to build a strategic defense designed to protect your rights and goals.

Comprehensive Criminal Defense Strategies

When you choose the attorney at SMC Law Firm for your defense, you gain the advantage of her breadth of criminal defense experience. She will thoroughly investigate the details of your case, examine the evidence and challenge any weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. Her goal is to uncover the truth, develop strong defense strategies and advocate on your behalf in and out of the courtroom. She provides individualized attention, keeping you informed at every step and ensuring you feel supported throughout the process.

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If you are facing charges related to a violent crime or other complex state crimes, having a skilled and compassionate attorney by your side is crucial. Contact the attorney at SMC Law Firm by calling 212-256-9441 or filling out this online form to schedule a confidential consultation. She is available 24/7 and guarantees that you will never reach a voicemail.